Assessing a Job Offer

Seeking employment and searching for jobs could be a lengthy and taxing process. Hence, we encourage our candidates to take pride and go through their application in a careful and thorough manner. No matter what your reason is for seeking employment, searching for a job is hard work. Scanning online listings, researching companies, sending out CVs and attending multiple interviews can be a lengthy process. Before you rush to accept a position, take time to consider it fully. Here are some guidelines to help you determine whether a job is a good fit for you.

Consider the job description

This may be the single most important factor in assessing an offer from a potential employer. Ask yourself these questions: Will you enjoy the day-to-day duties of the position? Will you find the job challenging? Is the level of responsibility appropriate considering your experience? Will you be able to work well with your boss and co-workers? Are you willing to make any required lifestyle changes which may affect your quality of life? If your answer to the above is NO, then we would suggest that you need to think twice before accepting the offer.

Evaluate the company

How well does the company's corporate values fit with your own? Based on the company's profile, culture and business nature, ask yourself if this is the company you would see yourself working or blending into if you should accept this offer.

Review the compensation package

Is the proposed salary package offered to you attractive? Does it differ much compared to your current salary package or last remuneration? Are there any benefits which are withdrawn from what you used to get in your last employment? If yes, consider if these perks are essential to you and this would affect your monthly financial or household commitments? If your answer is no, then the compensation package may not be your topmost priority. On the other hand, if this company offers you with a highly competitive remuneration package, then do consider the offer.

Make a decision

Careful consideration of the issues discussed above will help you reach an informed decision to accept, negotiate or reject the offer. If you are still unsure after evaluating each of these points, listen to your gut instinct. Maybe there is something about the corporate culture that makes you uncomfortable - if so, it's probably wise to trust your instincts and decline the offer.

Accepting a new position is a big step and you would want to do your due diligence before stepping into the new arrangement. With a thoughtful analysis of the pros and cons this new job offer, you'll be prepared to make the best decision for your career.