FASTSEARCH Asia Recruitment Group

services overview

  • Finance / Accounts

    • CFO
      Finance Director
      Accounts Executive
      Finance & Admin Assistant
      Audit Assistant
      Payroll Executive /Assistant                                                                 See Entire List >>

  • HR / Training

    VP of HR
    HR Director
    HR Manager
    Regional HR Business Partner
    HR Executive / Officer
    HR Assistant
    HR Administrator
    Compensation & Benefits Manager
    Training & Development Manager
    Corporate Trainer / Freelance Trainer
    Talent Management Manager
    Employee Wellness Manager                                                                See Entire List >>

  • Shipping / Trading

    Head of Shipping & Operations
    Shipping Manager
    Trade Support Manager
    Shipping Executive
    Documentation Executive
    Trade Officer                                                                                    See Entire List >>

  • Logistics / Supply Chain Operations

    Head of Logistics & Supply Chain Management
    Operations Director
    Logistics & Supply Chain Manager
    Logistic Executive / Officer
    Logistics Administrator / Assistant
    Procurement Manager
    Purchasing Executive
    Warehouse Assistant
    Forklift Drivers
    Delivery Drivers                                                                                  See Entire List >>

  • IT Professionals

    IT Manager
    Software Engineers
    Hardware Engineers
    Software Developers
    IT Administrator / Support Officer

  • Sales & Marketing

    Head of Sales & Marketing
    Sales & Marketing Director
    Regional Sales & Distribution Manager
    Sales & Marketing Manager
    Sales Executive
    Marketing Executive
    Sales Support Staff                                                                            See Entire List >>

  • Quality Management

    QA / QC Director
    QA / QC Manager
    QA Executive / Officer
    Internal Compliance Officer
    Lab Technician
    Lab Assistant                                                                                     See Entire List >>

  • Administration / Office Management

    Administrative Manager
    Office Manager
    Administrative Executive / Officer
    Data-Entry Clerks
    Secretary / Personal Assistant
    Despatch riders /Office Runners                                                           See Entire List >>

  • Banking

    VP Banking / Capital Management
    Finance / Investment
    Risk Management /Underwriting Specialist
    Compliance Manager
    Bank Tellers / Backend Support Officers                                                See Entire List >>

  • Healthcare / Pharmaceutical / F&B Consumer

    Nurses /Clinic Assistants
    Food Technologist
    Nursing Managers
    Dieticians / Nutritionist                                                                        See Entire List >>

  • Art / Design

    Graphic Designers
    Web Designers
    Creative Artist
    Art Director                                                                                      See Entire List >>

  • Building / Construction

    Building Architect
    Civil Engineer
    Quantity Surveyor
    Construction Workers                                                                         See Entire List >>

  • Customer Service

    Head of Customer Service
    Call Center Support Staff
    Customer Service Officers
    Customer Service Assistant                                                                  See Entire List >>